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And this is how it all begins. You spend hours looking for ideas and talking about what sort of wedding you want. The flowers that you love, the music that makes you want to dance, the decor that makes the wedding yours. There is time spent planning, making, creating. Time spent dreaming and imagining how it will all come together. With your best friends you go shopping for that perfect dress. The one that stops you in your tracks and makes you feel amazing...

Together you find the perfect suit, tie and shoes. It is all there and finally you are ready for the Big Day. The day when you marry your best friend. The day you commit yourself to the one person who you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with.

This story is yours and yours alone. On that one special, amazing and unique day we will be there to photograph it all and tell your story. From the big moments to the small details. Every bit that you have spent the time and care to choose. All the elements that makes your day yours will be captured beautifully to remember forever. Like people, no two weddings are the same...